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Long-Term Care

Caring for patients with multiple long-term conditions is fast becoming the area where urgent action is most needed. We are therefore starting our family of connected health and social care solutions with one for use in the rehabilitation of post stroke, brain and spinal injury patients. The solution helps:

  • Rehabilitation: Support physiotherapists in the early, as well as later stages, of rehabilitation, e.g. when assessing the patient recovering from a brain injury to perform basic movements of activities of daily living (ADL).

  • Long-term care: Enable physiotherapist to translate the findings of the technology into realistic goals around the patientís care.

  • Research: Develop metrics based on measurement and acquired knowledge to help speed up rehabilitation.

The solution is aimed in the first instance for use in assisted / independent living environments, e.g. a care home or the patient home. It can also be used in hospitals by connecting it to an existing healthcare system.

Our platform approach enables us to add other capabilities in an evolutionary way, e.g. adding new measuring, monitoring, alert and other devices as well as analytics and devices to use the data for multiple uses.

We are therefore happy to discuss with care home operators, nursing homes and hospitals specific additional capabilities that they need for their patients. In addition, we invite care professionals, clinicians as well as technology developers to partner with us to extend the solution to other long-term conditions, e.g. diabetes, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases. More ....





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