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One size does not fit all
Businesses need solutions that solve their SPECIFIC problems and grows with their needs

Although the sophistication and range of applications of computer aided technologies have changed beyond recognition in that past few decades, the way they are developed remains virtually unchanged. That is, solutions are packed with ever increasing functions in the hope of satisfying the needs of ALL customers. This is an unachievable goal, as customer needs are different. Furthermore, solutions need to be more flexible and adaptable in a world where the business and technology landscapes are fast changing.

At Datamation we have turned software solutions development on its head. We do not start from pre-defined functionality, because what is state-of-the-art today, is obsolete tomorrow. Instead, we have developed our universal Information Platform (uIP) to manage data independently of how, where, by whom and for what purpose it is used. This ensures that the data can be used for multiple purposes today, and at any time in the future, for purposes that we do not even attempt to predict.

Datamation's 'Platform Approach' make it possible to build, and tailor solutions, to meet the specific needs of each individual customer much like a manufacturer delivers built-to-order cars, or other hardware products, from the same assembly line. That is, by building solutions from modular components, with different combination of components combining to deliver solutions for different sets of problems.

                            The traditional (silos) way                                     The Datamation uIP way

To this end we have developed a way of quickly building and tailoring solutions that can subsequently be adapted for the ever changing customer needs and technology. We start by by building a packaged solution to 'specialise the Datamation uIP' for a specific industry sector. To this the customer may add a specialist solution from a niche developer or uIP-powered solutions, and some custom built modules. In other words, the tailoring is done by assembling different modules, rather than customising (modifying) the base solution.

In short, the Datamation's 'Platform Approach' offers speed of deployment and tailoring plus the agility to benefit from the latest advances in technology. What is more, this is achieved in an evolutionary way by adding new modules and retiring old ones rather than a step change from one legacy system to a new system every few years.






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