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Connected health and social care solutions

With an aging population the borderline between health and social care has become very fuzzy. This brings new challenges that current solutions are not designed to address effectively. One such challenge is data privacy. For instance, carers and care professionals need access to some of the patient data, but not the sensitive clinical data. Another challenge is how to make the wealth of emerging digital healthcare technologies more accessible. These technologies can be used to measure, monitor, alert and many other actions, and therefore can make real difference in:

  • Independent  / assisted living assist patients with the self-management and to enable support staff and carers to deliver better care at lower cost and fewer resources.

  • Rehabilitation to speed up recovery, e.g. for post-stroke, brain and spinal injury patients.

  • Analytics decision support, predictive analytics and research into better care and medicines.

  • Remote delivery of care e.g. use of electronic means of communication to enable clinicians, consultants and care professionals to deliver care remotely.

With the Datamation universal Information Platform (uIP), the benefits of these technologies can be harnessed to deliver a family of connected health and social care solutions that are used in any health and / or social care environment to deliver personalised care for the individual patient.

These solutions can be used stand-alone mode, e.g. in a care home, local clinic or a patient home. Alternatively, connected to an existing healthcare solution, e.g. in a hospital, to extend the capabilities of the host system in a number of ways. Here are some examples:





Make new technology more accessible

Many devices are being used as stand-alone, which reduces their value, or installed in a bespoke way which slows their adoption.

Improve & extend range of services

Handle change, by adding new capabilities in evolutionary steps, as technology and care professionals needs change.

Extend use of analytics

Provide executives with continuously improving decision support tools, as well as speed up search for better treatments, care and medicines through predictive analytics.

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