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Asset Lifecycle Management

Managing data through the 60-80 years life of an asset raises many challenges. Here are but four:

Multiple stakeholders

On any long lifecycle programme there are numerous stakeholders ranging from regulatory bodies, owner operators, EPCs, etc. Their differing requirements raise legal, intellectual property, ownership, safety and governance issues that need to be addressed.





Wide range of users

Users in design, manufacturing, sourcing, support, as well as external people such as contractors, suppliers, partners need to access asset data throughout its lifecycle in the course of their day-to-day activities. To achieve this, data needs to be consistent, complete, up-to-date and readily usable by all those who need it, when they need it, in the form they needed, within a controlled environment and with effective audit trails and traceability.

Evolving user needs and technology

In today's fast changing business and technologies landscapes, the only thread that runs through the 60-80 years life of an asset is data. How the data is used, how it is used and for what purpose is in continuous change. Therefore, next generation solutions need to evolve with technology and the needs of users in an evolutionary way and not in a step change every few years as is the case with current generation of solutions.


Many long lifecycle programmes predate the start of the digital age leaving significant legacy of data on obsolete media such as microfilm, microfiche as well as paper. In addition, with the fast evolution of digital technology, there is also a legacy of dated systems (silos), that have long passed their 'sell-by date', but still hold important data that is not easily accessible, never mind being in a usable state.

Migrating legacy data from old media or systems is the logical, though not necessarily the practical, answer as the cost can be prohibitive. In many situations the dated system is still relied on to run day-to-day operations, the lazy option of continuing to "patch" the system is now prevalent in most industries. This has created a "time-bomb" type of problem. That is the longer effective action is delayed, the more disruptive and costly the change would become.

The Datamation approach

From our long experience in data management, we have found that data is the most important asset in any business, Therefore, the more uses data is put to, the more value it can deliver to the business. We have designed our SiloSolve approach, based on our universal Information Platfrom (uIP) to help our customers achieve this through addressing the challenges mentioned above and many more.

Contact: Dr Kais Al-Timimi to discuss your specific business problem, or to arrange a free half day visit to your site.

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