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Food for thought:
Why can't software solutions be built like hardware products?

For the last hundred years hardware products have been built from interoperable components. This approach has brought year-on-year cut in cost coupled with improvement in functionality, performance, reliability and ease of use. Furthermore, if we wanted to personalise the hardware product, we simply plug in optional extras without even the need to read an instruction manual!


The transformation of the mobile phone from a "brick" to the multi-function device we see today is a perfect example of the success of this approach.


Imagine what difference  would it make to cost, functionality, performance reliability and ease of use if software solutions too were also built from interoperable components!

This is exactly what the Datamation's universal Information Platform (uIP) was designed to deliver. The Datamation uIP brings to software solutions what manufacturing from interoperable components has brought to hardware products over the past hundred years.

The Datamation uIP also extends the concept of building from components to information assets. That is, instead of information assets being scattered over a plethora of disjointed systems, they are grouped as readily usable high integrity modules that form parts of consistent connected whole.

This opens numerous  opportunities to deliver more value through reuse of data. Think of information as a business asset. Like any business asset, the more it is used, the more value it delivers. Specifically, the modular approach opens up the opportunity to support three of the fastest growth areas of Internet commence, namely Open Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data.



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