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Datamation uIP benefits

Making data readily accessible and usable for multiple purposes enables companies, large and small to stay ahead of competition by being agile and innovative through any combination of the following benefits:

Achieve a fully configurable and scaleable solution

A Datamation uIP environment can seamlessly connect to one or more uIP environments. In this way it is possible to scale up the solution with virtually no limit.

Provide local autonomy within a corporate framework

A Datamation uIP  environment may be configured to serve a site, division, project, discipline, group, or even an individual. This way each locality within an organisation can have more say in how they structure and use the data they need for that part of the business while still being an integral part of the corporate whole.

Manage complexity

Today’s IT environments are far too complex with complexity increasing exponentially with the number or systems / applications in place. Within, a Datamation uIP environment each locality can be made “self-contained” around one uIP environment. In this way size ceases to be an issue and any modification or extension of the solution in any locality will affect any areas outside that locality. It also means implementations can be carried out in phases and in any order to meet with corporate needs and priorities.

Tailor the solution to current and evolving needs

In a Datamation uIP installation, the solution is built from interoperable components that share the same uIP database. A key feature of the uIP architecture is that data is decoupled from, and can outlive, the applications that use it. This makes it possible to extend and tailor the solution simply by adding new modules built on latest technology and retiring old ones.

Seamlessly share data with external stakeholder

Where external parties, e.g. contractors, customers, suppliers and partners also have a Datamation uIP installation, sharing data with them is as easy as sharing data internally. This is particularly useful for SMEs in the supply chain of larger companies.



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